How To Properly Clean Your Washable Air Filter.

Now while it’s awesome to have a cool looking and sounding car, we can’t forget that we want our car to perform just as well as it looks.

Today we are going to be looking at cleaning your air filter. How to do it and why it is so important.

What Is An Air Filter And What Does It Do?

Putting it simply, an air filter is designed to strip out all the dust, particulates and various other forms of pollutants from the air that go through your vehicle's systems while driving.

To get the optimum performance out of your vehicle there is a specific fuel to air mixture that must be met for the combustion process. If the air filter in your vehicle is clogged, dirty or damaged, it is not able to regulate the air properly, this can result in poor combustion and performance from your vehicle.

In addition to inefficiencies created in the systems, your engine can become prone to degradation from build ups of pollutants that the air filter is no longer able to catch or filter properly.

Now, inexpensive the air filter may be, regularly checking it and changing it when the time is right can make all the difference when it comes to keeping your vehicle in tip top shape and avoiding massive and not to mention expensive damage.


What Type Of Air Filters Are There And What Should I Use?

There are typically two styles of air filters, they are paper filters and reusable cotton filters.

First things first, most if not all vehicles come standard from the manufacturer with a paper element filter. These filters are not designed to be cleaned and are not washable, you will just need to replace them. A paper filter will typically last your vehicle up to 40,000kms.

The second one which we are taking a look at is the reusable cotton element air filters with a light coating of filter oil. These filters are designed to be able to survive and do not need to be changed, due to the stronger materials used for their design over the standard paper filters. 

How Do I Clean My Reusable Filter?

With the cotton air filters, there are three easy steps to keeping them clean at all times. Aeroflow and K&N filter cleaning kits that have everything you need to revitalise the reusable cotton filter, so it can perform at its absolute best.


First step is take your filter cleaning kit and spray down your air filter till it is saturated on both sides, then leave it to sit for 10-15mins.The spray is designed to break down any solid or stuck dirt and contaminants that have accumulated over the use of the filter, letting the spray soak into the pores of the filter will also make it easier to clean in the next steps.

Ok now for the second step. Hose down the filter to remove the spray residue, making sure to be thorough. Leave it to dry, make sure not to forcefully dry the filter with towels, compressed air or microfiber clothes, let nature take its course.

For very dirty filters, you may need to repeat the cleaning process and rinse down again.

Now on to the third and last step. Once the filter has completely dried, apply the supplied filter oil from the kit. Make sure to lightly apply and ensure full coverage along the filter element and the ridges. Let the filter sit for 15-20 mins, giving the oil time to fully seep into the filter. Any sections that may appear to be lighter or have no oil coverage, make sure to apply a bit more oil there.

And it’s as simple as that- your reusable cotton filter has been cleaned and  ready for more use. Now we all know how our engines breathe air just like we do and more airflow equals more power and efficiency for your engine.

Make sure to check your filter regularly and see how it's performing. You wouldn’t want to run a marathon breathing through a straw right? Well neither does your engine. 

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