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Subaru DIY Twist Mount Turbo Adapter
Suits T3 GT30-GT35 Turbochargers & 45mm External Wastegate

Model - Subaru with EJ20/EJ25 Engine turbo Twist Mount Adapter.
Adapter Flange - Factory Subaru 3-bolt Single Scroll & Single Entry T3. 
Mounting Location - Twist Mount
Turbocharger Style - GT35/GT35 style (Boosted 5855 to Boosted 6862).

This DIY Subaru twist mount turbo manifold adapter is specifically designed to suit the EJ20 and EJ25 Right Hand Drive vehicles.  This steam pipe turbo adapter will allow you to fit an aftermarket Boosted turbocharger or similar when the factory bolt on turbocharger can no longer fit in the OE position or you wish to upgrade and move away from the factory bolt on style turbochargers. This adapter will only suit the factory Subaru 3-Bolt Single-Scroll Headers. On the other end it has either a single entry T3 flange or a AF8080-1016 V-Band flange to suit Boosted 5855 up to Boosted 6862 turbochargers. This twist mount adapter features a 45mm wasteagte falgne and pipe already welded to this adapter to allow the perfect position for your external wastegate.

This adapter is finished with a black enamel coated finish that withstands high temperature exhaust that has proven to withstand excessive heat. We do recommend to have this manifold either wrapped with exhaust wrap or ceramic coated to ensure protection for external accessories and reduce under bonnet temperatures.

Vehicle Fitment:
1994-2000 Subaru WRX GC8/GF8
2001-2007 Subaru WRX GDA/GGA
1994-2000 Subaru STI GC8/GM8
2001-2007 Subaru STI GDB
1997-2002 Subaru Forester GT SF
2003-2008 Subaru Forester XT SG
1989-1993 Subaru Liberty RS BC/BE
1994-1998 Subaru Liberty RS BD/BG
1998-2003 Subaru Liberty GT BE/BH (Single Turbo Only, Excl B4 Twin Turbo)

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